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Certification Body

Food Safety Net Services Certification and Audit, LLC (FSNS C&A) is a legal entity located in San Antonio, Texas, accredited under ISO 17065 and to perform certification audits against the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 7, SQF code, Edition 7.2 and BRC Global Storage and Distribution, Issue 2. Information related to these standards can be found here.

Food Safety Net Certification and Audit (FSNS C&A) is currently ISO 17065 accredited, by ANSI, to perform certification audits against GFSI Benchmarked BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and SQF schemes. A copy of our accreditation can be viewed here.
A copy of our accreditation certificate, present in the ANSICA database can be viewed here.

Quality Management Systems
FSNS C&A operates under a quality management system to ensure audits are carried out with integrity and to ISO 17065 and scheme owner requirements. This quality management system focuses in the following key areas:

  • Confidentiality
  • Impartiality
  • Auditor Qualifications
  • Handling of Disputes
  • Operating Practices

More information related confidentiality, impartiality, auditor qualifications, appeals and disputes and operating practices may be provided to customer upon request.

Communication with Scheme Owners
FSNS C&A has a management team committed to staying informed of changes to BRC or SQF requirements, industry regulations and other issues directly affecting our customers. FSNS C&A personnel attend a variety of conferences throughout the course of the year including the BRC, SQF and GFSI annual conferences.

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