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Mission Statement

Food Safety Net Services Certification and Audit Quality Policy Statement
FSNS C&A is committed to providing certification and audit services with consistency, impartiality, and integrity. Activities conducted by or on behalf of FSNS C&A are carried out by trained and highly qualified personnel that strive to assure each activity and end product meets FSNS C&A high standards, ISO 17065 guidelines, and the requirements defined by the Scheme Owner.

The certification management team is committed to evaluating certification activities to ensure expectations and requirements communicated by the scheme owner are met and applied to clients fairly.

Impartiality Policy:
Food Safety Net Services Certification and Audit (FSNS C&A) ensures the impartiality of certification activities. Team members involved in the certification process have agreed to operate in an ethical manner with no conflict or perceived conflict of interest. Employees are required to read and sign the Ethics in Business Conduct and Undue Pressure statement which commits the employee to disclose potential conflict allowing mitigation of potential conflicts.

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