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Lori Ernst, Vice President of Auditing Services

Lori Ernst joined FSNS C&A in late 2007 as an Audit Specialist. She has over 23 years of experience in the food industry including 19 years working in a variety of meat plants. Various sectors in the meat industry are included in her work history including beef slaughter and fabrication, ground beef, steak portioning, marinating, injecting, breaded items, and fully cooked meat products

Lori obtained her Masters of Business Administration from Colorado State University and her undergraduate degree from Teikyo-Westmar University which included a teaching endorsement. A compliment to her teaching education is to teach BRC courses for FSNS. She took over as Director of Auditing Services in early 2010 and Vice President of Audit Services in 2013. Currently residing in Colorado, Lori enjoys the mountains and riding her Harley.

Justin Derington, Manager of Auditing Services

Justin Derington joined FSNS C&A in February 2009 after finishing graduate school at Texas Tech University. Justin received his Master of Science in Meat Science from Texas Tech University after completing his Bachelors of Science in Animal Science. He worked as a research and teaching assistant while in graduate school and worked at a small slaughter house for two years prior to joining FSNS. His teaching experience included classes and labs involving animal slaughter and further processed meats.

Justin lives in San Antonio with his wife Melanie and enjoys golf and hunting in his free time.

Michael Sanders, Audit Specialist

Michael started in the food industry as a packaging production line employee for Iowa Beef Processors at the Amarillo, Texas facility in 1990. He continued working for IBP in various capacities in Production, Tannery operations and Quality Assurance until 2001. After a brief stint in the oil industry as a Warehouse Supervisor at a Houston, Texas chemical facility, he returned to the Quality Assurance department at the Amarillo facility in 2003, which had been purchased by Tyson Foods.

Michael worked for Tyson Fresh Meats until 2012, gaining valuable food industry knowledge as Quality Assurance Supervisor of Ground Beef, Slaughter and HACCP. He began working for FSNS C&A in 2012, performing GMP, GFSI, customer specific, warehouse and Animal Welfare Audits, primarily for the Beef and Pork industry.

Brian Hayek, Audit Specialist

Brian Hayek joined FSNS C&A in 2013. Brian began his career in the meat industry working as a hog buyer for two years before beginning work as a food technologist in the processed meat industry, applying the science of making hot dogs, bologna, salami, smoked bone-in and boneless hams and bacon. Brian has also worked as a Production Superintendent & Food Safety/Quality Assurance Manager at a co-packing company, which produced cook-in-bag deli and slicing hams and canned hams and eventually expanded into smoked and sliced meats.

Brian subsequently accepted the Division Manager of Food Safety/Quality Assurance position at Tyson Foods, Inc. lunchmeat division. As the Division Manager, Brian was responsible for the food safety and quality programs for multiple facilities. Brian graduated from Iowa State University in 1979 achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. His extensive industry background in high risk facilities provides an insight into facility systems and implementation of food safety and quality practices.

Sharron Scott, Audit Specialist

Sharron Scott joined FSNS C&A in 2013. Sharron has 20 years of poultry experience beginning with a primary poultry breeding company then moved to an integrated broiler company. She graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree with a double major in Biology and Animal Science. Her work experience began with Indian River International shortly after graduation and included work in various positions including Hatchery Supervisor while with the company.

Sharron subsequently accepted a supervisory position with Tyson Foods, Inc. and spent 15 years working in the Quality Assurance Department holding four supervisory/management positions within the department and gained experience in poultry slaughter and further processing operations. While working at Tyson Foods, Inc. she completed a Master of Science Degree in Animal Science with a minor in Forestry. Currently residing in East Texas with her husband, Sharron enjoys spending time at the beach, camping and hunting during her free time.

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